Mint Partner - PWC

PwC Exordia have an end-to-end IT solutions that is diverse and it ranges from Microsoft products to cloud services to hosting.

Exordia offers various products based on Microsoft technology, but their 3 main groups are namely:
- Business Solutions
- Cloud Services
- Managed Services


PwC Exordia provides an end-to-end business and IT solutions and has been delivering hosted IT services for the past ten years. The focus on hosting and have a Cloud offerings and have significant experience in developing and delivering these services.
Exordia specialise in the complete Microsoft product stack, network and application delivery, mobility, database design and resilience, application performance management, remote branch design, Software as a Service (SaaS).
Mint has partnered with regards to hosting and PAAS.
Platform-as-a-Service refers to a dedicated application development and operations platform delivered via the internet as Private Cloud Services.


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