Embrace Business Efficiency with A powerful CRM Strategy

Connect your teams and departments with the technology and information they need to create a complete view of customers, using the highly flexible Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that can adapt, grow and scale with your business. Leverage your existing solutions by adapting and integrating CRM with your existing business processes.
Find, attract and win new clients with enhanced profiling and targeting. Enjoy improved service loyalty and retention from existing customers through detailed records and history of their activities. Improved visibility into the performance of sales, service and support channels using dashboard and detailed reporting.
Start today with a client-centric way of doing business, enabled by technology that consolidates and intelligently distributes pertinent information about clients and the organisation.
What does Mint’s CRM system enable?
CRM performs and automates many common business tasks so that you can recognise the immense value of integrating client facing operations.

For example:

  • Easily access information from anywhere
  • Schedule and track activities
  • Generate reports & dashboards
  • Manage marketing lists & campaigns
  • Record customer responses, activities, sales & queries
  • Track sales targets & sales pipelines
  • Manage service request

What are the benefits of a CRM system?

  • Activity management with customers, clients and sales prospects
  • Workflow driven business processes
  • Nurture and retain existing clients and client retention
  • Reduce costs of marketing, client services and administration
  • The ability to adapt quickly to business change
  • Streamlined sales, service and marketing support
  • Access to analytical info to enable on selling
  • Increased call centre efficiency
  • In house or cloud based?

Our solutions are available on-premise, in cloud or as a hybrid deployment. Cloud deployment allows you to have your CRM secured without acquiring and maintaining IT hardware, or host it internally for ultimate control and flexibility.

Knowledge sharing partnership!
Having worked with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform since its market inception, we embrace the challenges of getting your teams to use your CRM system, and use it well. With our comprehensive training and support, users on all levels will experience the personal benefits required for good adoption.

How do we do it?

Using the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step methodology, based on many years of best practice software development experience, we define process phases, milestones, roles, case studies, cross-phase-processes and additional project management processes.

How does this work with my existing infrastructure?

CRM integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Active Directory. Microsoft SQL which allows you to bring the rich capabilities of CRM into familiar interface of tools your users and IT department already use. This creates reliable user adoption and reduces training costs. With support for mobile users as well as access through a web interface, users can work from virtually anywhere whether online or offline.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers solution builders such as Mint the ability to utilise and extend the application platform to suit best-of-breed and custom development scenarios. As a fully customisable and configurable platform, the ability to develop on top of the existing application platform mitigates much of the cost and complexity of traditional custom development by utilising common, pre-integrated elements and development tools.

The Microsoft Dynamics xRM application frameworks brings together the best aspects of the application platform approach while enabling choice and savings for a client with dynamic and reusable application services.

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