Most FMCG’s enjoy a broad customer base consisting of wholesale and retail outlets. The management of these diverse channels requires careful planning and organisation. One of the challenges this industry is faced with is the inability to effectively deal with the diverse customer base, and the large quantity and variety of products/services offered by them. Mint Mobility FMCG Solutions manages this and more…

FMCG Solution Offering

The fast Moving Consumer Goods industry need instant and accurate access to data. The highly competitive and ever changing FMCG’s Sector, demands accurate order-taking, quick turnaround time and reliable distribution channels, measured and a continuous improvement.

On a daily basis the mobile CRM application will prompt the sales representative by highlighting exactly which customers are required to be visited and a specific day. Coupled to the pre-populated customer, a survey can be linked to every customer. Critical market and product research can be driven through specific questionnaires available. The survey will guide the sales representative in what is required to be performed at a specific client. These surveys have been designed with the overall business process and strategies in mind, and can be customised to suit Mint’s client’s needs. On going research is conducted to ensure that the solution in evolving in line with industry trends support and guided by both organisational changes and “consumer taste”


  • Effective monitoring of sales performance
  • Accurate order-taking
  • Merchandising management
  • Automated route scheduling
  • Effective territory management
  • Post implementation evaluation of promotions
  • Daily updates on brand targets versus performance
  • Database management
  • Effective implementation and monitoring of sales incentives
  • Readily available product information (EAN-bar coding, pricing, configuration , pack shots)
  • Real time Competitors and Customer data for informed decision making


Features provided by the solutions include:

  • Call planning and management
  • Customer account management
  • Follow up activities
  • Calendar synchronisation
  • Workflow capabilities
    Interactive transfer of knowledge or data
  • Direct feedback
  • Real-time ordering
  • Real-time escalating
  • Task assignment
  • Lead /opportunity management through to ordering and invoicing
  • Minimal implementation period
  • Tracking of consumer period
  • Tracking of merchandising equipment
  • Planning and booking of promotions and requesting merchandising in an outlet
    Photographic evidence capture
  • Signature capture
  • GPS tracking and route planning


How does a mobile solution give you the edge?

In the highly competitive FMCG market, competing parties need to ensure that sales force follow standard sales and service methodologies, that best suit both the customer and its consumers. Effective monitoring of measurable marketing and sales objectives, actual sales implementation and performance thereof are an extremely time-consuming exercise. It is essential that sales representatives spend most of their time “in the field”, sending ‘face time’ with their customers, monitoring and track competitor activities, and most of all drive and increase sales volumes.

“Mint has provided a world class end-to-end solution which integrates seamlessly with our customers backend systems and processes. Our clients have the option of running the solution on the hardware of their choice, which has a positive impact on user adoption” says David Woolnough, MD of Mint

Where have we done this?

Mint has a proven record of over 12 years CRM and Mobility experience. Our clients include top liquor industry giants, automatic battery manufactures and well known hair care products manufactures and distributors. Through Microsoft Dynamic CRM, real-time access to information and dashboard reporting has been implemented with enough infrastructures to support additional expansion and growth as and when required.

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