Mint Mobility™ Product ePharma is a cutting edge Sales Force Automation solution  specifically engineered for the Pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical companies operate in a highly competitive market that demands accurate order taking, quick turnaround times, reliable distribution and real-time market intelligence. ePharma is a solution that meets all of these requirements so effectively that they assist the customers in gaining a competitive advantage.


Why choose ePharma Solutions:
  • Microsoft Mobility Solutions Partner of the year – 2010
  • xProcure Integration
  • Medpages Integration
  • ePharma is certified for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • More than 12 years of mobility expertise
  • Technology partnership with CWR mobility - world wide Mobility Partner
  • Powerful real-time dashboards and reports

The biggest obstacle facing the South African Pharmaceutical industry is the size and diversity of the customer base. The need to identify and profile the various segments within the customer market is significant and ePharma empowers both managers and representatives to do so.


Technology benefits
  • Solutions Upgrades/Enhancements via Microsoft.
  • Familiar Microsoft Look and Feel with Microsoft reliability.
  • Solutions run on a variety of mobile devices allowing customer flexibility when it comes to hardware choices
  • Quick implementation and high user adoption with full Microsoft CRM capabilities.
Product Performance:
  • 1.3 million orders placed year to date.
  • Orders to the value of 40 mil Rand placed per month.
  • 1 Billion Rand worth of orders year to date.
  • Mobile solutions linked to 40 suppliers.
  • 4500 appointments made per day.
  • 3000 appointment notes made per day.
  • 3500 surveys completed per day.

How does a mobile solution give you the edge?

ePharma provides both management and representatives access to real-time updates on staff and client activities, as well as competitors activities. Mobile is the fundamental enabler behind this solution, empowering users to be connected to their organization no matter where they are. Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM and CWR Mobility’s mobile adaptor, Mint provides customers with a powerful solution that is rapidly deployed and easy to use.

Key Featues Include:

  • Full CRM capabilities.
  • Effective performance monitoring against targets on a daily basis.
  • Accurate order-taking, planning and stock/inventory checking.
  • Automated Route Scheduling which allows for efficient improvements.
  • Territory Management.
  • Post Implementation evaluation of promotional activities.
  • Mobile customer surveying.
  • Database Management enhanced by real-time synchronization.
  • Implementation and monitoring of sales incentives.
  • Readily available product information.
  • Accurate customer segmentation.
  • Photograph and signature capture modules assist with quick and easy task completion.
  • GPS provides user mapping and tracking.

In the ever changing world of technology and pharmaceuticals, whilst faced the constant re-design of integral processes, Mint Mobility™ ePharma solutions seeks to be a constant partner to the Pharmaceutical industry and an evolutionary front runner in the technology that supports the industry.

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