The Home Loans Property Valuations area within banking institutions relied heavily on manual processes to execute operational requirements of home loan applications. Valuations were physically completed at the property in question by internal staff (assessors) or via external contractors and faxed back to the banking institution.

This proved to be slow and ineffective. This was further compounded by the rapid growth within the property market.

eProp Solution offering

Mint’s eProp solution is developed as a fixed-asset valuation system for the home loan industry. It enables
the management and administration of valuators in the field with tools to conduct all required daily
operations. This includes the ability to accept  property valuation requirements on a desktop or mobile
device from the Bank’s internal applications, the assessor completes the request on the road and the
Bank’s internal applications are automatically updated with the valuation decision.

The Bank’s valuations managers can monitor the valuator’s activities real-time, with the ability to; reallocate work, follow up with
additional valuation information, ensure Service Level Agreements are met, measure valuators against set targets, monitor travel
logs and locations, allocate the closest valuator to an assessment, and a whole lot more...



  • Ability to conduct more valuations
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Reduce costs
  • Minimise the necessity for valuators to go to office daily or having valuations faxed or emailed.
  • Push valuations to valuator whilst out in the field
  • Receive instantaneous feedback
  • Reduce turn-around times
  • Minimise Paper work
  • Save travel time/expenses
  • Ability to view price comparisons to assist in decisions making


Solutions Architecture

There are different deployment options available; the option chosen is dependent on the customer’s specific IT requirements:

  • Hosted offsite at Mint’s Data Centre
  • Hosted onsite at the client


Satisfied eProp customers have this to say:

“The eProp solution has reduced operational costs and improved turnaround times within the valuations process. Together with Mint, we are constantly challenging the boundaries of the valuations process and looking for better ways to provide fast and accurate feedback to our customers,” Customer Quote: Head: Home Loans Business

“Mint’s Property Solution has contributed towards significant operational efficiency improvements which have resulted in our Financial Services Institution providing quicker responses to applicants, thereby improving the customer experience when applying to our Bank for a Home Loan” Customer Quote: Bank Home Loans

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