Enterprise Content Management. Document Management. Web Content Management. Knowledge Management. Workflow. You’ve heard these words, you’ve heard of “SharePoint”, but you have no idea where to start to bring it to life. Don’t despair, with our 10+ years of experience in SharePoint, web and related technologies, Mint can assist to bring your requirement to life. We specialize in 4 key areas, they are:

  • Portals
  • Websites
  • Workflow
  • Upgrade & Migration

  • The starting point of 90% of all SharePoint journeys is the portal or more commonly known as the Intranet. This central repository for company documents, announcements and business process has for years been the corner stone of SharePoint’s offering to the industry. The product as evolved over time, but it still remains the starting point for most companies. Two key types of portals exist, namely:

  • Intranet: Internal to a company and commonly used to house company specific documentation, team sites and centralized internal communications;
  • Extranet: External to a company and commonly used to give access to internal documents / artifacts to external parties such as service providers and partners;

  • According to AIIM one in two corporations uses SharePoint. Contact Mint so we can assist in your journey.


    SharePoint’s web offering has grown from strength to strength since it introduced the capability in 2007. Countless Fortune 500 companies use the tool for fully fledged Web Content Management on their public facing websites. Mint’s web heritage was born around the time of the .com bomb and have seen it all as it related to websites. From custom developed brochure offerings to large scale e-Commerce sites, we’ve done it all. SharePoint for public facing websites offers the customer a number of benefits including, but not limited to:

  • Flexible deployment options: Host the site internally or with a 3rd party provider. Various licensing options to consider;
  • Familiar interface for users: Reduce training as users and administrators would not need to learn another system once they are comfortable with using SharePoint for the Intranet;
  • Beautiful designs: With the advancements of SharePoint since its inception, it no longer has limitations on the type of design you can implement. Dream of it and an experienced vendor can implement it;
  • Create pages is child’s play: Manage your own content has never been easier. If you can author a word document, you will be able to create and publish pages on your SharePoint based website.

  • Mint has delivered a myriad of websites during our rich history. From massive insurance companies, to a brochure site for a mining company. If you’re interested to find out more, please contact Mint and we’ll happily assist.

    Processes take longer than expected to finish. You have tons of paper lying around in the office. Forms go missing and countless hours are spent trying to find out how in the chain is holding up the approval. Sound like a familiar scenario? You’ve come to the right place. Mint can assist to automate your business processes and show value by addresses the pains described above. Some of the immediate benefits customers get to enjoy include:

  • No more missing forms: Electronic form submissions means that each form is centrally stored, date stamped and tracked to ensure forms don’t go missing;
  • Complete transparency: Real-time visual reports ensures that all participants in a process are kept abreast of the movement of the process;
  • Mobile approvals: Out of the office? No problem, Mint will extend your forms to the mobile device of your choice ensuring processes no longer need to wait while staff are out of the office;
  • Flexible costing: With custom development, per user and per server licensing options, Mint’s costing model for workflow ensures that there is commercial model that will suite all parties;

  • Herewith some examples of business process solutions that Mint has completed over the years:

    Since SharePoint’s birth Microsoft have updated the product consistently. Each new release providing more features for end users, flexibility to administrators and opportunities for return on investment for business owners. As the product evolves companies need assistance to upgrade their existing solutions and move content from one repository to a new one. Mint has completed countless amount of migrations and upgrade through the years of implementing SharePoint solutions. Various mechanisms exist to complete these projects and the mechanisms successfully used to date include:

  • Manual Migration: Using various mechanism to assist customers manually move files from one repository into SharePoint;
  • Scripted Migration: Using powershell scripts to automate the move of content;
  • 3rd Part Tool Migration: Using AvePoint to migrate content;

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