M-Net Cares "Drive for the Cause Campaign" 2013 a huge success once again.


The M-Net Cares “Drive for the Cause” campaign in association with Liberty Medical Scheme culminated in the National Finals which were held at Kyalami Country Club on 20th November 2013.  Mint is exceptionally proud to have played a role in this golf series to raise funds for the Naledi Children’s Literacy Project by hosting a four-ball and watering hole at each of the Flagship Golf Days around the country. A cheque for the amount of R 728 500 which was raised as a result of the generous participation in this series by a number of companies and individuals alike, was handed to M-Net Cares for their beneficiary, the Naledi Children’s Literacy project. 
A hearty congratulations to everyone involved in this monumental project!

Mint participates in M-Net Cares "Drive for the Cause Campaign" 2013....
Mint is exceptionally proud to once again be involved with the M-Net Cares “Drive for the Cause” campaign, in association with Liberty Medical Scheme.

If you are not aware of Mint’s involvement, please take a few moments of your time to read the email below. If you are aware, please skip to the paragraph where we are asking for your support of this campaign to help us and the other sponsors reach the target of R1Million for the Naledi Children’s Literacy Programme. The M-Net Cares “Drive for the Cause” campaign has committed to uplifting the community through a number of M-Net Cares initiatives. The Drive for the Cause Campaign is one such initiative. 
The M-Net Naledi Children’s Literacy Project was chosen based on the premise that education is a vital element for any society to thrive and develop and also to grow tomorrow’s leaders. In 2010 and 2011, 1300 children from previously disadvantaged homes were taught to read and write. In 2012 this initiative helped 1500 children to learn to read and write, a core fundamental skill for any human being to acquire. In addition they also helped by including young learners with special learning needs by extending the programme to a school for the deaf in the Eastern Cape. As part of the M-Net Naledi Project, they have also embarked on revamping libraries in under-resourced school.

In 2013,  7 Flagship Golf Days, have been scheduled throughout the year, as the main fund raising events for the "Drive for the Cause" campaign, which culminates with the grand National Finale on 20th November.
Mint is proud to be a GOLD partner sponsor which gives us the opportunity to participate in each of the flagship days by way of hosting a Mint Four-ball, sponsoring a "watering hole" and contributing to the "goodie bags" and prizes for each Flagship day. Part of our sponsorship includes a monetary donation towards the M-Net Cares main beneficiary, Naledi Children's Literacy.

As a partner to this series, Mint has once again pledged our support of this very worthy campaign. We believe that playing golf is a great way to know potential and current customers better, and to create business opportunities and we extend this opportunity to you. If your organisation would like to participate in this initiative by purchasing a four-ball, not only will you be making a contribution to the “Drive for the Cause” campaign, but will be creating an opportunity to spend quality time with those in your four-ball, and will have the chance to enter into super Lucky Draws to win awesome prizes.
You can follow "Drive for the Cause" by going to their website or follow them on their various social media
platforms(w) www.cloud9golf.co.za (fb) www.facebook.com/cloud9golf  (t) www.twitter.com/cloud9golf
(linkedin) www.linkedin.com/company/cloud9golf (g) www.thegolfgap.com/cloud9golf
The full calendar for the 2013 Drive for the Cause campaign is available on our downloads page.

For more information on these worthy initiatives please visit Cloud9Golf’s website:  Cloud9Golf or please contact Gina Read on gina@cloud9golf.co.za

Carel du Toit (Centre) pictured with Koo Govender, M-Net Director:Corporate Marketing &
Communications and Marilyn Ramos, Miss SA 2012

The Next Flagship Golf Day will take place on Wednesday 23rd October at Country Club Johannesburg.


Previous Flagship Day was held at Ruimsig on 5th September.  Pictured below is Mint's MD, Carel du Toit teeing it up on the Mint Watering hole.




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